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Where it all began?

In 2015, I came to Bangalore and joined a reputed architecture firm Hundredhands as a Junior Architect.

I had always dreamt of my own Design Studio and planned to start after 5 years of experience.

But I realized I had started getting impatient within 1 year.

And that's when I decided to quit. A lot of people told me that it's a bad decision. I should gain at least 3-4 years of experience and then start up.

But then I was determined to follow my dream. Prachi, my partner & I started Tangram in 2016.

Now when I look back, it was the best decision of my life.

I could have never gained the experience to run a company by working for someone else.

The challenges that I had faced in the last 3 years required patience, perseverance, pragmatism, self-control and most importantly HOPE.

This coronavirus crisis is an opportunity for us to further strengthen these qualities and develop new ones.

COMMENT one quality that you would like to develop?

For me it's "COURAGE"

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