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The Firm

In 2016, the studio was founded with the belief that architecture serves as a bridge to connect nature, culture, and people to strive for a better quality of living. By drawing perspectives from various sources like everyday walks of life, eclectic expertise, Indian culture, pop culture, art; we seek fundamentals in architecture and to interpret and integrate them into one diverse design-language.

We specialize in design and realization of built environments and collaborate on a range of projects that scale from brand identity and commercial spaces to hospitality and corporate environments.


We work closely with clients to develop creative solutions responsive to location and user experience. We experiment with materials and graphics to provide durable contemporary designs that wink at history.


Each design transforms a collage of influences into architecture that is beautiful and layered with meaning, but also welcoming—spaces and landscapes where people want to hang out. We love what we do, are truly passionate about architecture & design to develop every project with our uttermost dedication.

Principal Architect

Shraddha Kamath

Project Architects

Sujithra M
Zyla Mirza


Jessica V


Ansu Bohra

Anupama Rao

Ankit Choudhary

Lakshmi Narayanan

Faaz Alhasan

Namitha Kumar

Pratik Latwe

Nehal Saini

Jerusha Oomen

Vidhyaa Bhaarathi

Sushmi Das

Vaishnavi N

Pratyusha Kethinedi

Nuthana D

Aiswarya Murugan

Nikita M

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