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Workspace Design

This tip can you save you precious real estate space in office by reducing average space per employee!

Recent study states 20% to 40% of traditional desks are unoccupied in offices on average because employees are working elsewhere- on site, client locations, part-time, on contracts, as consultants, etc.

Working styles have changed tremendously over the past decade along with the workforce. And it's time to move towards the latest trend of unassigned workspaces with different furniture types to support various activities.

• Collaborative tables with soft boards and writing boards for discussions or collaborative work

• Breakout rooms for private tasks or for activities that require high concentration

• Workstations for the ‘head-down-get-work-done’ moments

• Lounge spaces with bean bags/couches for more relaxed working moments

Allowing your team to work in an environment that best supports the task at hand is being encouraged throughout the office design world.

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