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Does conference call save time?

Case of the missing footpath!

Living 1.5 kms away from my work space has been a blessing- no long hours in Bengaluru's infamous traffic.

As I take a walk along the tree lined stretch of KH Road- a prominent commercial area in the heart of the city, I find myself playing a game of 'land and water'.

  • Encroached footpaths

  • Constant step variation (stair master?)

  • Garbage/ Debris dump

  • Broken granite slabs

Makes me wonder how rare it is to find good footpaths to walk on in India.

For years focus has been on state of the art metro stations, 10 kms long flyovers, but what is missing is our humble footpath which should not be an afterthought.

Can't leave without mentioning TENDER SURE footpaths of St. Marks Road and MG Road, the ease of walking along these roads is unmatched and they are a beauty for the city's landscape.

Until then here's hoping we at least get national level hurdle athletes!

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