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Prezzed Juicery

Koramangala, Bangalore

Prezzed Juicery Shop Interiors

Koramangala, Bangalore

Client: Sumit Kumar

Program: Cafe Interior

Area: 150 sft

Status: Completed in 2019

Team: Shraddha, Vidhyaa, Nehal

Photo Credits: Ramkishore Photography

Prezzed Juicery located at Koramangala, is a new initiative providing raw, fresh and nutritious juices. The design for this space is based on a subtle yet fresh and modern pastel green combination alongside a bold black background and recurring slanted wooden slats. Connecting the interiors and the exteriors is a massive granite counter, making a statement.

The interiors are adorned with terrariums that add to the vitality of the space.

Green, black, white are translating the values of the Juicery in materialization of a happy Mind-Body-Soul through the purest, raw, cold pressed juices.

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