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AMC Placement

Banerghatta Road, Bangalore

AMC Placement

Banerghatta Road, Bangalore

Client: AMC Group of Institutions

Program: Workspace Interiors

Area: 3,500 sft

Status: Completed in 2019

Team: Shraddha, Vidhyaa, Jerusha

Photo Credits: Curious Case of Design


A placement chamber designed for AMC Engineering College, located in Bangalore was all about developing a user friendly atmosphere and providing an expanse of solace. When the clients approached us their brief was very simple- A space that would host companies during placement season and represents a mix of college culture and workspace formality that reflects the emotional transformation their young graduates are going through. This idea became the guiding principle for the design of this space.

Design intent was to keep things minimal with use of clean lines and pure walls. Wooden rafters along the true ceiling add a complete contrast yet blends in with the surrounding. The use of glass along the facade provides a seamless vision between the office space located on the second floor and the vast green field of the campus that the space overlooks. The cabins are located along the periphery so the natural light from is allowed to flood the entire office.

The first thing you notice when you enter into the placement cell is the colourful cabin contrasting with pristine white walls and ceiling. Each placement block is like a glass chamber that connects to the central walkway. Each of these chambers are designed taking into account the function and the users. The glass partition terminates at a height lower than the ceiling hence giving way air circulation and a connection between spaces yet providing the required privacy. A hint of colour is added in each of these rooms in the form of straight, elegant blinds that serve its purpose and reflect a minimal amount of hue into the room.

Abstract paintings and a vast diversity of exotic plants add liveliness to the design catering to the varied age group of users that the space is intended to serve. As a whole the space emerges as a perfect blend of materials, colours and details that make the experience as true as it can be.

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