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S+S House

Bogadi II Stage, Mysore

S+S House

Bogadi II Stage, Mysore

Client: Shashank & Shamika Srihari

Program: Architecture & Interiors

Area: 3,000 sft

Status: Ongoing

Team: Prachi, Shraddha, Vidhyaa

Photo Credits: Prachi, Vidhyaa

With a conventional structure this verdant house stands out for its diversity achieved through the creative arrangement of brick modules on the entrance façade.

The design motive was to achieve a synthesis of spaces that ensures good natural lighting and a continuous movement of air, leaving the users feeling energized.  Generously sized openings provided at each of the three divisions along the plan connects the house to its surroundings. The central atrium binds together the floor plates vertically, making the house seem like a single entity.  

Neutral and earthy tones are maintained throughout, to exhibit a sense of vastness . The wide spread terrace garden adds to the vitality of the design.

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