Geetha and Ravi's Residence



Geetha and Ravikiran Rajendran


Multi-Tenement Residence


Bomanahalli, Bangalore


2000 sft



Here is a multi-tenement house on a compact 20 feet x 40 feet site in the busy neighborhood of Bomanahalli, Bangalore.

The client requirement was a 3 BHK residence occupying lower and first level and additional 2 BHK on second level to rent out to families. In addition to this the terrace will be used as a practice space for congregation of artists as the client is a theater person by profession.

Having limited space techniques were developed to experience vernacular language in urban fabric.The concept of corridors has been eliminated by arranging rooms in the most functional layout and also provides an opportunity for simple lifestyle. Being a multi-tenement house, vertical connection between floors is through a  transparent metal staircase to provide more light inside the house. There is an internal staircase connecting the ground and first floor which acts as a central courtyard bringing in more light to the lower floor. Large fenestration and open plan spaces provide the much-needed ventilation and light. This house is designed as framed exposed RCC structure with stabilized mud brick walls. It harvests rainwater water, solar power and has ample daylight.

The flooring is designed with kota and clay tiles with built in furniture. The compound wall of the house is porous metal mesh with creepers growing on it. As the site is in a highly dense residential area Roopena Agrahara, it faces a 17 feet confined road.