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Rajni's Residence



Rajni Mathur


Residential Interior


Kengeri, Bangalore


3500 sft


December 2016



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This house is located in surroundings where inhabitants feel the pleasure of soaking in natural environment. The plot is lined with trees and a breath taking view of lush lawn facing the house. The property is part of a housing community and has been designed as a traditional house by Developers GoodEarth. The residence is made up of smaller internal and external courtyards and verandahs that bring ample sunlight into the space.

Interiors go in-hand with its architecture by making use of traditional and local materials.

Antique furniture has been used in the entire house. Some unique artifacts have been hand-picked to adorn the house complementing the look of the house. There is a noted use of natural materials in the house.

The furniture is designed with efficient fittings and equipment yet it has a traditional look; we used solid wooden panels in-layed with hand-made glazed tile.

Pooja room is located right next to kitchen as per vaastu and it's folding doors adds up more space in the front for prayers.

Traditional light fixtures add to the feel of the space. The residence draws inspiration from nature and lives in harmony with it. Care has been taken to avoid any kind of over-embellishments. Passionately effort has been taken to achieve green interiors to make the residence lively.

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