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Venus Communiti

HRBR Layout, Bangalore

Venus Communiti

HRBR Layout, Bangalore

Client: Venus Communiti

Program: Workspace Interiors

Area: 8,000 sft

Status: Completed

Team: Shraddha, Vidhyaa

Photo Credits: Nayan Soni

Located in Bangalore, spread over 8000 sft and 7 floors, Venus Communiti is a new-age workspace designed by TANGRAM as a lounge, workspace, residential space, event-space & so much more!

The main design intent was to break through the stereotype of a co-working space and to alter the overall configuration of how shared workspaces are perceived in India. Designed with the keeping a feeling of 'Commune' in mind; the space makes users feels more creative and fosters new friendships and collaborations.

The client picked the name ‘Venus’ and that was our jumping-off point. Brick red, orange, greys inspired from the planet Venus along with a few accent shades forms the primary color palette. A varied palette of colors and organized geometry is the main highlight of the overall design.

The ground floor has been designed as a lounge with reception and the conference, meeting rooms and phone booths are stacked in the mezzanine level overlooking the ground floor. Second and third floors are co-living spaces followed by fourth and the fifth level of dedicated co-working areas. Final floor-Terrace hosts cafeteria for socializing.

The design creates a sense of drama with a sophisticated use of colors, wooden finishes, graphics and patterns. Terracotta being the dominant color in the interiors play with tones of grey and wood to create depth and character. The staircase creates a bold statement in the way it cuts through the double storey volume in the ground floor. A striking pattern in the flooring distinctly separates the area for different activities while still looking cohesive with the overall playful design landscape. The pattern flooring presents a backdrop for the bold color palette, furniture and lighting. Throughout this co-working space, most of the furniture and lighting installations are tailor made by local contractors.

Venus Communiti redefines the way co-working spaces are perceived.

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